From Our Workshop to Your Home

Delivery Schedule

We deliver on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Order has to be confirmed 24 hour before delivery.

Shipping your items on time is extremely important to us. We do our best to provide exact estimated delivery dates so that you are able to receive your items on time.

To provide you with a great product at the best value, some of our products are made to order. This eliminates the need for expensive warehousing bills and allows us to pass the savings unto you; therefore it takes up to 4 weeks to reach your home. But rest assured, our products are worth the wait.


Receiving Items

On delivery, customer or third party appointed by the customer shall inspect the item(s) carefully before our carrier leaves the premise. Any damage detected should be immediately reported to the carrier and noted on the delivery copy. The delivery team will then return the damaged item(s) to our workshop for a thorough inspection, so that we can understand the root of the problem and improve on our service. A fixed or new piece will be sent on a later date. If customer do not want to inspect the goods on delivery and signed their acceptance in the delivery copy, customer agree the delivery copy is then evidence of the condition of the goods at the time of delivery. Hence any new defects finding at a later stage is subject to our terms & conditions.