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Ergonomic Office Chairs

Our range of premium ergonomic office chairs, made with the absolute best materials – for those who spend lots of time seating.

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Mesh Office Chairs

Top quality mesh office chairs for the professional. Whether it’s to be used in the office or at home, we have a chair for everyone.

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Leather Office Chairs

Our range of gorgeous and comfortable leather chairs. For those who prefer the feel and convenience of leather over mesh.

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All our Office Chairs come with a minimum 6 Month Warranty. You can be sure that you’re getting a great chair at an excellent price! The warranty period will be listed in the description.

Office Chairs FAQ

How long is the warranty for your chairs?

All our chairs come with different lengths of warranty. For our highest-end office chairs, the warranty period goes up to 5 years. The minimum warranty period for our products is 3 months. 

What happens if my chair spoils after the warranty period ends?

You will still be able to purchase the defected parts from Primero at a very reasonable price. Typically, we will replace your chair parts at cost as we believe that even if the warranty period has expired, we still have a responsibility to make sure it continues to serve our customers well.

Where are your chairs made?

Primero’s office chairs are made in an exclusive factory in China, which is why we’re able to come up with designs not found anywhere else. Most of the times, the parts of our chairs come from all over the world from countries like Germany and Taiwan, before it is assembled and shipped over to us.

Why do some of your chairs have a slightly longer lead time?

Most of our chairs are in stock right here in Singapore. However, some of our chairs are made to order – these are usually the office chairs that frequently get lots of requests for customization. As it would be impossible to stock the various variations and colours of each chair, we make them to order, keeping prices low by reducing the need for inventory.

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