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Beni NEST™

Each Chair Engineered for Comfort

If you’ve tried a typical office chair before, you might feel like it’s a little off.

That’s because your generic office chairs are not engineered for ergonomics, durability or comfort. Think of all the hard edges the chairs have

  • Rigid Headrest
  • Square, badly fitting seat cushion
  • Frustratingly soft Mesh or disturbingly hard mesh
  • Oddly designed armrests and backrests

We change all that by taking great care in making sure every detail is addressed. Introducing a range of chairs that have been designed with all the right curves and nuances, and none of the frustrating parts.



Attention to Detail

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Office Chairs

E02 Essential Office Chair (Classic Black)

Earliest Delivery: Same Day
$79.90 $69.90

Office Chairs

Beni NEST™ Office Chair

Earliest Delivery: 3 Weeks

Office Chairs

Reya Wide-Back Office Chair

Earliest Delivery: Same Day

Office Chairs

STÄRKÈ™ Ergonomic Dual Lumbar Office Chair Remastered

Earliest Delivery: 2 Weeks

Viewing and trying our our chairs

If you’d like to try out our range of extremely comfortable chairs, you can drop by our small testing space at our warehouse at 31 Woodlands Close #07-01. If you need a recommendation on a specific type of chair for you, feel free to drop us an email at , or simply hit the live chat button below!


Coporate and company purchases and enquiries

Why Work with Primero?

-Low Cost, Competitive Quotes with our own factory

-Colour Customization and Other customization

-More than 30 Models and Designs, with more than 1000 different colour combinations and customization options available.

If you are representing your company or are an employer, we are sure we can meet your needs. With direct control over the quality and production of our chairs, we offer competitive quotes. We also have an entire catalogue of more than 20 different models and designs, with more than 1000 different colour combinations and customizations.

Please use the contact form below, or you can drop us an e-mail at and we will offer you to best of our range.

Please contact us for viewing or to see our full catalogue and prices


Office Chairs FAQ

How long is the warranty for your chairs?

All our chairs come with different lengths of warranty. For our highest-end office chairs, the warranty period goes up to 5 years. The minimum warranty period for our products is 3 months. 

What happens if my chair spoils after the warranty period ends?

You will still be able to purchase the defected parts from Primero at a very reasonable price. Typically, we will replace your chair parts at cost as we believe that even if the warranty period has expired, we still have a responsibility to make sure it continues to serve our customers well.

Where are your chairs made?

Primero’s office chairs are manufactured in an exclusive factory in China, which is why we’re able to come up with designs not found anywhere else. Most of the times, the parts of our chairs come from all over the world from countries like Germany and Taiwan, before shipping to us for assembling here. 

Why do some of your chairs have a slightly longer lead time?

Most of our chairs are in stock right here in Singapore. However, some of our chairs are made to order – these are usually the office chairs that frequently get lots of requests for customization. As it would be impossible to stock the various variations and colours of each chair, we make them to order, keeping prices low by reducing the need for inventory.

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