Mesh, cushion or leather – What’s the difference in quality and comfort?

Different types of Mesh

Mesh chairs have become very popular for several reasons. They’re easy to clean, cooling, as well as extremely comfortable and ergonomic. However, it’s important to take note of the different kinds of meshes there are.

The mesh is one of the most important things when coming to choosing the right office chair. Generally, mesh quality is measured by how “stringy” and firm the material feels. A good quality mesh will rebound firmly when you push against it, giving you a more ergonomic sitting position. A lower quality mesh, on the other hand, is soft and doesn’t support your posture that well. At Primero, we grade our mesh on a grading scale, ranging from B1 to E8, with E9 being the firmest, most comfortable mesh.

Mesh Grading Scale

B1 – Soft mesh – doesn’t support that well. Your typical generic office chair.
B2 – Soft mesh – doesn’t support that well. Most office chairs use these.
B3 – Decent quality mesh. Rebounds well.
S4 – Good quality mesh. Solid feel and support.
S5 – High quality mesh. Able to hold huge weight without bending much.
S6 – Very high quality mesh – Supports extremely well, very firm but comfortable.
E7 – Top quality mesh. Provides extreme comfort, feels great.
E8 – The highest quality of mesh. Usually made for luxury chairs. Made with premium PP(Polypropylene) Materials that’s extremely dense. Feels like you’re sitting on air.

Our grading scale is based off tests carried out by our factories using various tools that measure the firmness, rebound ability and weight bearing load of the mesh. If you’re keen on finding out where the chair you’re purchasing stands, look for the mesh grading.

The benefits of better quality mesh

Generally, getting a better quality mesh has quite a few advantages over a lower quality one. However, it also depends largely on the design of your chair.

  • Prevents back pain or neck pain from seating long
  • Better productivity as seating becomes more comfortable
  • Improved posture over time
  • Lasts longer (The best meshes can last up to 12 years)

If you’re thinking of getting a mesh chair for work, our advice is to get the best quality chair that’s in your budget. Improved productivity and well-being, better mood, increase in energy, less visits to the doctor for body pains – these are some of the many benefits to consider.

However, if budget is a concern, you can choose to purchase some of our chairs which provide great value.

Chair design and material

Aside from considering the mesh quality, we have to look at the material and design of the chair. Generally, most chairs in the market are designed in an ergonomically sound manner. However, what separates each chair from the next is in the details. It’s important to ask what kind of material the chair is made of. The chairs that are typically sold for a lower price are made using lower quality materials. Manufacturers would mix in sawdust, recycled plastic, and other bad materials to decrease the cost of production. Even though the chair might look the same, it won’t have the same feel and longevity as a chair that’s made with premium materials.

That’s why it’s important to get your chairs from a reliable retailer of chairs. A reliable retailer will make sure that the chair that you’re purchasing would last you for years, and over time, you’ll definitely save more than to go for the lowest cost option.

Chair seat

There’re two types of seats when it comes to mesh chairs – The foam seat and the mesh seat. The mesh seat is made up completely of high quality mesh, which needs to be extremely high quality to hold your weight over a long period of time. The foam seat, on the other hand, is a more affordable but equally comfortable version. When it comes to choosing between a mesh seat and a foam seat, the advantages of the mesh over the foam are that it’s cooler, and more “bouncy” han the foam seat. However, it boils down to personal preferences as some people would not get a chair without a foam seat.

For the foam seat, there’re two things to look out for – the firmness of the foam, as well as the design of the foam. The firmness of the foam is simply how well it holds up under your weight. You wouldn’t to start sinking down in your chair every time you seat in it. That will result in lowered productivity and perhaps posture issues over time. Look for foam that is dense and firm, allowing you to keep a sound posture when working or using the computer.

For the design of the foam, higher-end chairs feature a curved ergonomic design that caters to people with different seating postures. For example, some chairs would have a C curve from the back towards the front, resulting in a slightly arching seat. Some other chairs would have more complex seat designs.

As a rule, the more complex designs would have a higher price, but ultimately it boils down to personal preference.

Leather Chairs

Leather chairs are entirely for comfort. Look out for how thick the padding. Some of the best leather chairs would have memory foam at some areas, to provide you greater comfort. Leather chairs are generally only suitable for use in an air-conditioned environment as they tend to get hot easier than mesh chairs. However, leather chairs can be a better choice for some as they provide a level of comfort that mesh chairs cannot. Leather chairs also edge out mesh chairs in terms of longevity and durability as the mesh on your mesh chairs might stretch and fray with use, but leather chairs would remain intact for long.






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