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Lighting FAQ

Do your table and floor lamps come with bulbs/lights?

Most of our table and floor lamps do not come with the bulbs. Make sure to check our product description to see whether your particular selections come with light bulbs. We also provide a recommendation for a suitable bulb, should you decide to purchase them elsewhere. You can also choose to purchase your light bulbs from us.

Where are the lamps made in?

Most of our lamps are sourced from all over the world. We work directly with factories in Italy, Thailand, Australia, and Singapore. Our materials are sourced all over the world before being assembled in a local factory. We also hold some designs from well known home decor brands. Some of our lamps are also obtained directly from an exclusive factory in China.

Are your pictures real?

Yes, all pictures that you see on our website are taken by us, in our own photo studio. You can be sure that your purchase is almost exactly what you see on our website. 


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