How to get the right office chairs for lifelong comfort


Office chairs are expensive but getting the right one for you is extremely important for a comfortable lifestyle. Most of us spend a majority of our lifetime sitting down in our offices, yet we spend more of our money on getting the right desk and computer accessories. If you calculate the number of time you spent in front of your computer weekly, you will be surprised that you will accumulate  up to 2000 hours annually. Continue to multiply that by the number of years in the average lifespan of human( 79 years) and you will be shocked at how big a role office chair plays in your life( if you are a white-collar worker)

Bad sitting posture has been a long term problem for many office workers as ergonomic injuries are becoming increasingly common. All employers should invest in good chairs that help their workers become more productive instead of taking constant leave. When an office chair is able support your back well, you are certainly spared from argonising back strains from long working hours. Otherwise, an unsuitable office chair will not help you avoid health problems in key vulnerable areas like your back, neck and legs. Hence, whenever you come to any showroom, keep a lookout for the following areas of  the chairs:

  1. Fabric: Popular options like mesh drastically improve airflow and prevent your chair from becoming too hot to sit on. It will be better if the mesh is supported with sufficient nylon support so that it will not tear easily under pressure. The seat cushion should also be thick and firm enough for you to sit comfortably without touching the nylon base underneath.
  2. Adjustability : The highest quality office has at least six adjustable features.  Ask the salesman for as many adjustable features as possible. The seat height and swivel base is present in all office chairs with wheels. So, you should focus on key adjustable areas like the armrest and headrest. The armrest is important because it will help to support your elbows as you type, preventing strain along your lower arms. Other crucial features that should be adjustable : lumbar support ( lumbar means lower back and much of the back pain is felt there), backrest height and angle as well as variable tension control( how much force you need to exert in order to adjust)
  3.  Wheels: Ask the salesman if the chair wheels can run on carpet which is common in every office.  Get the right wheels will allow you roll with ease without straining your body when stretching out to reach for items . There are also special hooded wheels (Distinctive white outer rims) that ensure utmost silence when rolling so that you will not interrupt your colleagues.
  4. Backrest: Sit on the chair and feel the shape of the backrest. Adjust it if necessary and ensure that it fits your spine snugly. It should feel comfortable to lean back without having to hunch.
  5. Footrest: This is optional but EEC directive strongly advise that you should sit with your feet touching the ground. Try this out on your own and you will feel the huge difference it makes in helping you correct your posture.

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All these important things should be taken note when trying on the office chair. Do not buying the chair off the Internet without testing it out. A right office chair allows you to work productivity and comfortably, leading to a much fulfilling lifestyle.





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