The Ergohuman Office Chair – Is it the right chair for you?

The Aeron Chair or the Ergohuman?

The Ergohuman Office Chair is one of the most popular chairs in the world. It’s design has often been compared to that of the Aeron Chair – Herman Miller’s flagship product. The Aeron retails anywhere from $1200 to $1600 SGD, and it’s main draw is that it’s design is extremely ergonomic, while being one of the classiest office chairs around.

The Ergohuman Chair costs much less than that, going from around $800-1100 SGD. What makes the Ergohuman so popular is its dual lumbar support design, which at the time of its first release, was a novel idea that people soon began to love.

There isn’t a clear winner between the Ergohuman and the Herman Miller Aeron. However, one thing that the Ergohuman has over the Aeron Chair is that it’s able to add the Laptop Stand as well as the Leg rest, making it a slightly more comfortable chair should you go with the upgrades.

There’re countless reviews on the Internet, but ultimately it’s down to a matter of personal preference! For customers looking to compare the Aeron Chair to the Ergohuman, we don’t have the Aeron, but we do have the Ergohuman at our showroom.

Do give us a call before dropping by!

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