Cluttered desk? Here’s how to arrange your desk for maximum productivity

The desk has become the place where we spend one of the biggest parts of our life. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and roughly another third sitting in front of our computers. However, it’s easy to find your desk becoming more and more cluttered as time goes by. While this can be ignored for some time, it can have a disastrous impact on your productivity. Here’s a small guide on how to achieve maximum productivity at your desk.



There’s a saying that you can never have enough monitors. Why do we need so many? The more monitors you have, the more parts of your brain you free up. Tabbing through your applications and windows can be exciting, but when you need to perform tasks that require you to refer, an extra monitor can save you loads of time. Additionally, if you are the kind of person that likes to keep up with social media or even the news, an extra monitor screen would be great for you.

De-Clutter By Going Vertical

declutter vertically

We should be keeping our desks clean consistently. Never leave anything lying around, whether it’s a pen, a notebook or otherwise! As long as it’s not in use, put it back where it belongs. Developing this habit would help you to maximize your space in the long run. Getting some desktop organizers or file stackers can be a great great help too. If your desk doesn’t have drawers, you can consider getting some mobile drawers. Of course, remember to tag each drawer and make sure that everything has a place.

This is where our Laptop and Monitor Stands come in! With a nicely sized Laptop or Monitor Stand, you can lift your computer up and store more things below them.


Desk Position and Lighting

The position of your desk is also extremely important to productivity. Make sure that your table is able to get its share of natural light! Natural light is always the best. Not only is natural light great for your eyes and to help you see better, it will also do wonders for your mood. If you can, position your table in a way that allows you to look easily out the window for a glance of scenery.


nice desk

This might just be a personal thing, but design can be a great mood lifter. It can be depressing to work on a table that’s super ugly. There are some colours that just aren’t supposed to be together. Get your desk designed in a way that inspires and motivates you, and your productivity would be boosted in the long term!

Healthy Bites

Remember, if productivity is important to you, don’t store any junk food near your table. Eating junk food has been proven to slow down thinking, decrease stamina and make us lethargic. Stock your table with awesome brain food like almonds or other low-carb options. Low-Carb food is able to release sugar into your blood stream steadily and slowly, enabling you to keep your energy level up for a long time. Sugar rich food will cause you to have an energy spike, followed by tiredness later.

Final Thoughts

If, after going through these ideas, you still find that your workplace irritates you, you might just be facing the problem of having a small desk. If it’s time to upgrade to a bigger desk, don’t hesitate to spend a little on it. After all, your productivity should be more important than saving a little money! Of course, if you have lack of funds, then saving up for a decent desk should be your priority.

That’s all! Good luck!







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