Getting to know us 

In the beginning of 2017, the founders of Primero – Jonah and Jordan, looked at the furniture industry and questioned the high prices many retailers charge.

Being individuals from different backgrounds, we brought with us a unique, new look at the furniture industry. Our passion for great design and e-commerce led us on a mission to create a furniture store online that customers would love shopping in.

We thought that if we used the latest technology and the most innovative methods, we could reduce the prices for furniture, change the way people shopped for it, provide even more great designs, and most importantly, give our customers a shopping experience. With a pen and paper, we started Primero.



Keeping superior quality and design affordable

By sourcing most of our products direct from the manufacturers, from over 5 different countries all over the world, we are taking full advantage of a more connected world to bring you designs and quality at a price not possible before.

We’re constantly working on getting new, exclusive designs from furniture manufacturers around the globe.

Many exciting things are in the pipeline for us. While we are just a small company now, we’re working hard to make shopping for furniture online a whole new experience.






Pushing Boundaries, Expanding Value

Leveraging on our connections with our factories and wood craftsman, we’ve managed to take things a step further. 

Primero’s service model is to operate on an e-commerce focused model. By keeping inventory levels low and fast-moving, we’re able to transfer the cost savings into greater value for you. Many of the times, you could even smell the sawdust on our furniture that’s come out straight from the workshop. 

Some of our furniture are made to order. By utilizing a made-to-order model on some of our items, we provide even more options on customizing these products for your home. We take great pride in constantly coming up with the latest in-trend designs for our customers. We’re sure you can’t find a similarly well-designed product at the same price anywhere else!

All products bought from our website are guaranteed to be 100% risk-free. If, after 30 Days, you do not like the furniture, we promise you a full refund on your item



Dedication to Our Customers